Work-life Balance (online)

The aim of the module is to look into your life in terms of needs, the fulfillment and mutual harmony of which is reflected in our satisfaction with our own being. Work life balance is conceived as an integral part of it with a direct impact on the quality of life that we attribute to it. Relation to stress is a logical consequence of the fact that the environment in which we live brings a number of stimuli that provoke a stress response in us. Targeted and effective stress management techniques and strategies in situations where their course is not according to our ideas. Taking responsibility for your professional career and personal satisfaction as an option.

Lecturer of the study module

Mgr. Valerij Valerijevič Seničev Ph.D.


If we feel any dissatisfaction and desire for change, we must first think about what it stems from. At the same time, clarify what we expect from the change. Work life balance is a topic that is about each of us. Respectively, it is a question for everyone who is not indifferent to how life they live and what its quality is. If you are one of those who want to live life to the fullest, and not just survive from day to day, the following pages are for you. They will introduce the issue to you in a broader perspective, so that we can follow up the seminar with specific self-reflective techniques and solutions to your topics.


  • Areas of work and private life
  • The most common reasons for stress in the work area
  • Causes and origins of stress
  • Stress anatomy
  • Automation of our thoughts
  • Stress management strategies


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