Self Motivation (online)

The main goal of the presented module is to explain the issue of self-motivation, to describe individual approaches and possibilities of motivation of oneself and the people around. This topic is gaining in importance especially now, at a time when it brings a lot of uncertainty and at the same time puts pressure on one to take more responsibility for one's life and motivation. A necessary prerequisite for effective self-motivation is first and foremost knowledge of yourself, your personal motivators (internal, external or a combination of internal and external) and their changes. This topic is closely related to the knowledge of our own limits and what and how we can realize ourselves. The self-motivation module is intertwined with the topic of personal development and work-life balance in order to achieve a balanced and long-term effective functioning of a person in work and personal life.

Lecturer of the study module

Mgr. Valerij Valerijevič Seničev Ph.D.


The main way to succeed not only in the field of business is a systematic and never-ending self-improvement and a constant ability to motivate oneself and motivate others. The presented module brings current knowledge in the field of motivation and self-motivation, also deals with the topic of the optimal level of motivation (Yerkes-Dodson’s law) and changes in the approach to motivation (Motivation 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0). The second part focuses on approaches to work and motivation according to Amy Wrzesniewski. In this part, great attention will be paid to the application in practice of selected knowledge from the theory of Amy Wrzesniewski (Job, Career and Calling). During the workshop, the lecturer will mention the long-term support of self-motivation and will focus on best practices in the support and self-motivation of subordinates.


  • Basics of motivation
  • Motivation and self-motivation
  • Yerkes – Dodson’s law
  • Changes in the view of motivation
  • Goals
  • Critical thinking and motivational guides


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