Self management (online)

The aim of this module is to explain the programme that focuses on recognition and self development in the term of personal traits, abilities and experiences and searching for the balance between free time and working hours (the private and professional roles). Next, this study module focuses on presenting the student how to 'fight' with time and how to separate work from private life.

Lecturer of the study module

Ing. Jana Puhalová


Considering contemporary fast pacing lifestyle, the most important task of a person is not their performance but the reevaluation of their priorities, options and behavioural patterns. Managers that seek to work on their personal development, integration, and harmonising of their self ought to be able to realise, where they are heading in life, to learn to understand themselves and to learn to find and utilise their hidden possibilities and sources and simultaneously learn to transform their stress mechanisms.


1. Personal well-being

  • directing your own life
  • mind map

2. Me and my surrounding

  • managers’ stress sources
  • coping with stress
  • methods of self development
  • effective time management principles

3. Work and family

  • work life balance
  • success x failure

4. Physical acitivity

  • spiritual state
  • mental state
  • social state
  • physical state – exercise
  • physical state – diet


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