PR, Predicamental Communication and Management Communication (online)

The main goal of the module is to introduce communication and above all public relations like an integral part of successful management in 21st century and to show which tools of communication are crucial for a company with a focus on corporate communication or issue management.

Lecturer of the study module

Ing., Mgr. Luďka Raimondová


The main goal of the module is to introduce communication and above all public relations like an integral part of successful management in 21st century and to show which tools of communication are crucial for a company with a focus on corporate communication or issue management.


Public relations is an integral part of corporate communication and for each top manager it has to be an active part of corporate management.

It is necessary to build brands but it’s also necessary to build a corporate reputation. Brand building / brand communication and corporate communication are “united containers” – but each of them has some specifics. The syllabus introduces communication from a wide perspective and the highest intention is devoted to disciplines that are related to management communication.

The module offers basic information about corporate mission and vision that consequently play an important role in building of corporate image and reputation.

A big part of the module brings a wide view on the relation between public relations and marketing, and also on marketing communication and access to integrated corporate communication.


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