Personal Development (online)

The main objective of this module is to explain the issue of personal development, the different approaches and possibilities of personal development. This topic is particularly relevant now, in an era that requires constant development and the pushing of one's own skills and abilities to a higher level. An essential prerequisite for effective personal development is, first of all, to know oneself and the areas important for a person. This topic is closely related to knowing our own strengths, limits and what and how we can realize ourselves. The management of personal development is intertwined with the theme of sustainability of one's own life in order to achieve balance and the long-term benefits of personal development.

Lecturer of the study module

Mgr. Valerij Valerijevič Seničev Ph.D.


The main way to permanently succeed not only in the business field, is continuous and never-ending self-improvement, as well as a good psychological condition and personal satisfaction. It is very important for managers to be able to apply their abilities, to know themselves – to know their own needs, values and directions, which are key for a person.

In addition, students will be reminded of the rules of self-management with an emphasis on meeting goals in a timely manner. During the workshop, the lecturer will also mention effective time management, how to achieve patience and perseverance in completing tasks and how to set priorities. The important topic of burnout syndrome and its prevention will not be left out.


  • Personal development
  • Personal development and professional success
  • Knowing your goals
  • Motivation to work
  • Time management and time management of your life


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