Marketing (online)

The aim of the module is to acquaint students with marketing as a modern business philosophy, its essence, tools, principles and suitability for practical application.

Lecturer of the study module

Mgr. Tomáš Zdražil


Students will get acquainted with marketing as a modern business philosophy and its essence. Emphasis is placed on individual marketing tools as defined by P. Kotler in 4P, with attention also paid to the extended marketing mix (5P). Students will get acquainted with the marketing product concept (“Product”) and the differences from its commodity concept. Next, the difference between brand and product will be explained. The course is also focused on the marketing price concept (“Price”) and the marketing pricing method. Within “Promotion”, attention is paid to marketing communications at their core. The “Place” tool focuses on the distribution channels of goods and the role of trade as a link between production and consumption. In the case of the extended marketing mix (“People”), the content will reflect the fact that students study subjects focused on management and human resources within the study program. Students will get acquainted with the differences of marketing and production business philosophy. The course will explain the brand and its role in marketing with a focus on its building. The course will result in marketing strategies applied in practice.


Marketing (essence, characteristics, history, development). The content of the course includes topics like: marketing characteristics and features, comparison with production business philosophy. Marketing strategic planning, assumptions, phases. Marketing mix and its individual tools. Marketing concept of the product, market life, life cycle and the product position on the market, influences affecting the creation of a new product according to prof. Thiela. Brand and its role in marketing, the difference between mark and brand.

Marketing concept of price, marketing method of pricing, prices based on supply and prices based on demand, pricing strategies applied in business. Promotion as an element of marketing mix, marketing and commercial communication, forms of commercial communications and suitability of their application.

Place as an element of the marketing mix, distribution channels of goods and the suitability of their application. Trade and its role in the distribution chain of goods movement.

People as a tool of marketing mix, target groups for marketing concepts, employees and their role in the marketing application.

Marketing strategies applied in practice (push, pull, penetration, diversification, etc.).


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