Innovation Management (Praha)

The primary aim of the module is to approximate such a variable field of innovation management; the effort is to provide the knowledge and skills from the innovation business area as a supposition for the formation of the viable business innovation policy. The module Innovation management familiarizes with the instructions, processes and methods of innovation management in the business units. It deals with the basic platform of the preparation and management of the innovation projects; it uses the basic terms and knowledge of the development strategy formation and methods of the evaluation of the strategical development intentions with the aim to form the innovation strategy. The importance and the role of the innovation policy for the competitiveness of the business units are explained here. The effort is to approximate the holistic and necessary orientation in presented discipline.

Garant a lektor študijného modulu

PaedDr. Ing. Kateřina Bočková, Ph.D., MBA


The aim of the module is to acquaint participants with the current view of science and practice on innovation, why to deal with innovation, where to get ideas, how to systematically work with them, evaluate and bring them to life. We will focus on the Design thinking method, we will present you with a number of practical applications, we will emphasize increasing the value for the customer.


  • Innovations
  • Design thinking


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