Financial Company Management and Investment Decisions (online)

The objective is to familiarize students with international capital markets, investment instruments, capital markets, market players, market psychology, and market strategies. Emphasis will be on practical information rather than on theory.

Lecturer of the study module

Ing. Jiří Mach, Ph.D.


The aim of this module is to get the students acquainted with the general principles of financial management, to clarify the importance of property and capital structure of a company for financial decision-making, to explain the relationship between operational and strategic planning in a company, production planning and subsequent operational plans.


Important issue is the question of strategy of prices and costs, understanding the basic methods of cash flow management and liquidity of the company and their importance, along with the importance of information flows and an application of methods of economic analysis. Financial management is a key and central part of corporate governance, which has an integrative position among all the company’s activities. This refers to activities that provide the most effective financing in terms of the company’s goals. Achieving a positive economic result and increasing the value of the company is the basic task of business activity. The control of all processes that take place in the company can only be optimal and contribute to the fulfillment of this goal, if it is based on knowledge of the basic links between real, specific activities and financial characteristics that affect them and which ultimately lead to economic results. However, companies are not always at the point of successful business and need to move in the form of crisis management to achieve at least „black zero“ in order to be able to further move their activities towards sustainable development.


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