Conflict Management (online)

The aim of this module is to get acquainted with the issue of Conflict Management and get to know it. To connect the topic of communication with emotional intelligence and to penetrate the area of managerial work with conflict.

Lecturer of the study module

Ing. Adéla Karlovská


The constant need for new management tools for managing conflicts within companies and in communication with customers is growing. It is necessary to think about the role of human communication and the role of conflict in it. Conflict resolution tools simply do not work because each conflict has a different cause and effect. Therefore, it is important to realize what enters the communication and how it affects the conflict – its creation, course and solution. In the module, the topics of Perception Filter, Barriers in Communication, Self-Reflection and Emotional Intelligence will enter Conflict Management.


1. Definition of basic terms

  • interpersonal conflict
  • content conflict
  • relationship conflict

2. Communication, the basic factor influencing communication

  • verbal folder
  • nonverbal component

3. Barriers in communication

  • definitions
  • dominance and perception of individual hemispheres

4. Feedback in communication situations

  • assertive technique – forward direct feedback
  • perception filter

5. Theory of emotional intelligence

  • Emotional intelligence in the practice of conflict management
  • intelligence and its concepts

6. Concepts of emotional intelligence

  • Daniel Goleman
  • self-awareness
  • self control
  • self motivation
  • empathy

7. Interpersonal relationships

  • art of interpersonal relations / Leadership
  • conflict management


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